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Why Choose Leaders?

Leaders is an established legal services firm, so you can rest assured we will be here when you need us.

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We offer unique benefits and services, and that is why so many happy customers Choose Leaders...

Our Deed Polls are...
1. Written and kept up-to-date by professional experienced solicitors.
2. Guaranteed to be accepted by all government agencies and major organisations.
3. Supplied fully complete with all your details - we do not supply templates you have to complete yourself.
Our Instant Email Deed Polls are...
1. Emailed to you immediately, so you can start notifying people without delay. Buy Email Deed Poll Now
2. Available for download at any time in the future in case you lose your original.
3. Able to be viewed and printed on Microsoft® Windows® and Apple Mac.
Our Postal Deed Polls are...
1. Professionally printed on top quality water-marked paper. Buy Email Deed Poll Now
2. Supplied as 5 original copies - you will need at least this many to notify key organisations.
3. Dispatched immediately by 1st Class Post - please allow 2-3 days for delivery. Price includes postage and packing.

Accepted by all UK government agencies


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We will refund all charges in full if your Deed Poll fails to be accepted by any UK Government department or UK-based organisation.  more...


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